A Constant Stream of New Patients: How To Build Your Dream Practice

Why New Patients?

This may seem obvious, but a lot of people don’t know.

Why are new patients such a big deal? Without new patients a practice starts to “cannibalize” their already-existing patient base. They’re bound to lose people who move or switch to other practices and if they don’t have new ones coming in, they shrink. Plus, without new patients, there can be no growth. You’re always stuck with the same income ceiling you’ve always had and the same practice size.

For a practice to be healthy and grow it MUST have a steady stream of new patients. All other things being equal, this can make or break a practice.

Problems Getting New Patients

A lot of dentists have problems getting new patients.

It’s constantly on their mind. It’s a problem they’re regularly trying to solve and seems to be a constant struggle for them. They have low numbers of new patients and don’t know what to do to change it. They might try different types of advertising, different types of mailings and promotional deals, but none of them really work.

They see other people really making it happen, so they know it’s possible, but where do they even start? It seems like a maze of different possibilities and ideas, each one costing the hard-earned money of the practice owner just to try out. If they’re wrong and didn’t put up the right ad or mail the right postcard, they get nothing in return.

Makes the whole subject rather distatestful, doesn’t it?


New patients can be solved. It’s just a problem of scientific marketing.

Marketing is a skill. It doesn’t necessarily come naturally. Just having gone to dental school doesn’t mean that a person knows how to market, or has a successful track record in the subject. There’s a lot to the subject, and if you don’t really know your stuff, you won’t make it.

Almost one for one, practice owners who have floods of new patients have educated themselves on the subject of marketing and through self-study, attending seminars and reading, have become proficient marketers.

If a dentist is trying to run a practice, he is a business owner. If he’s a business owner, he needs to know marketing. It’s integral to running a business. No business ever has floods of customers without it.

Me? Learn Marketing?


The good news, though, is that it really isn’t that hard. There are some really basic rules to follow and there are some universal principles that apply to all marketing everywhere. Once you get these down it’s easy as falling off a bike, or riding a log–wait….

Anyway, marketing is like any other skill. New patient marketing is a specialized type of marketing, but operates under the exact same principles as any other type of marketing.

Once you learn the fundamentals of the subject, you will have full control over your marketing on a long-term basis. You will be able to adjust for all the different changes that happen to a practice and be in control of your own future.

Don’t You Just Have A System I Can Buy?

It seems like there are hundreds of companies out there offering new patient marketing systems and they seem to be producing spectacular results. Don’t you just have a system I can buy? Sort of a “marketing in a box?”

No, unfortunately we don’t.

There are many companies who offer their special marketing secret or their proprietary new patient system. Many of them get terrific results. Most are based on a successful application that one dentist worked out, or saw was working in a number of dental practices.

However, that’s also part of the problem. They worked in one dental practice, but will they work in yours? Will they work as well? It may be great in New York, but how will it play in Peoria, as the saying goes.

The “one-shot” solutions and the “magic super-duper new patient machine” may produce results…and they may not. For most practice owners, they’re just more noise in the confusion surrounding how to market for new patients. Who is right? Who has the best system? Who is the best guru? Who knows?

The Real Deal

Our approach is simple: educate the practice owner in the sound fundamentals of marketing. Train him up so that he understands marketing as a subject and how to apply it to his dental practice. Then, no matter what happens he’ll be able to understand what’s going on and make decisions on his own.

There is no shortcut. There is no “quick fix.” If one wants to get real results in any subject, whether it was fixing someone’s car or building a house, they have to know the basic principles of the subject and how they apply to their business.

The same is true for marketing to get new patients. Our goal is to help you for real through education and real-life consulting and training.

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