Why Does A Practice Struggle?

What they don’t tell you in medical school….

All too often the problems that a doctor faces have absolutely nothing to do with practicing medicine. It has to do with running a business. In fact, the doctor may be a brilliant clinician and yet still struggle monthly just to keep the doors open. And even if this isn’t the case, he’s likely to be so overwhelmed by the stresses of handling a successful practice that he works long hours and doesn’t have the quality of life he wants.

All too often the problems of a practitioner have to do with the business side of things and the management of his organization. Staff problems, inefficiency, lack of profit–these are organizational problems.

Trained In Medicine, Not Management

A doctor was trained in medicine, not management. He went to school for years and years to train as a doctor and honed his skills to a fine edge. However, he is expected to somehow successfully run a business with no training at all–or at best a couple of isolated seminars and classes here and there. A practitioner may be an expert in his field and still fail miserably simply because there is another, hidden, side to his success and it is too often overlooked.

He never learned workable management tools. He simply was never trained.

Thus, you can see the reason for his failures and struggles. If one never becomes fully skilled in management, one will never be fully successful in practice. And even if a doctor-because of his personal energy and vitality-is able to succeed above his peers, these same principles still apply.

Is he living up to his true potential? Is he achieving his own goals on the size and scope that he could be? These are all a problem of not having and applying workable management principles.

There Are Solutions

The number one block to improving a practice is that the owner doesn’t feel that anything can really be done about it. He has become jaded and “knows” that there really isn’t any workable solution to what he faces. He realizes he just has to “learn to live with it.”

Almost all practices–even highly profitable, successful powerhouses–have problem areas that the owner is unable to fix. These areas are to some degree out of the owner’s control and hold the practice back from reaching its true potential.

Why Hanses Management?

With so many different methods of practice management, with so many different management consulting companies, it can be almost impossible to decide which one is right. This is made worse because sometimes different consultants may give conflicting opinions, each stating their way is right. How is Hanses Management any different?


The only effective judge of a management consulting company is by results in the real world. If something gets results in the real world, there isn’t much to argue with. It either worked or it didn’t work. This, then, is the measure by which all management companies should be judged. Did the practice become more profitable? Did it become more efficient? Does the doctor work less hours now? Are there more new patients than before?

In other words…does it work?

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