“I have worked with some other management consultants in the past. Some were more helpful than others. One thing that didn’t work for me was the “one size fits all” plan.  If you were poised to become a 90-day wonder, then I guess maybe that happened.  If not, you sort of spun your wheels (I did, anyway). I had one consultant who was happy to listen to me complain, but I didn’t get much accomplished.  Another fellow had some good programs, but we didn’t have the on-site evaluation, that “boots on the ground” thing.”

” I have known Mark Hanses for several years as a friend, and he helped me informally on numerous occasions.  Bringing him directly into the practice as a consultant was what I needed to do. I have complete confidence in his integrity.  He never says one thing and does another. I also have confidence in his expertise.  Mark has been doing management consultation all over the continent for many years.  He knows what he is doing.  When he comes in, he makes a thorough assessment of your practice.  He tells you what is going on, and how you can change things for the better.  He’s got the know-how.  The program he sets out for you is tailor-made for your practice, your situation, and your goals.  It is YOUR program, not some canned “one size fits all” stack of stuff. Unless you’re a lot different than most doctors, you’ve spent a lot of time learning how to care for your patients, and not very much time learning how to run the business end of your practice.    Get someone to come in who knows what to do, and can show you how to do it.  Yes, you’re spending money, but you’re getting something worth paying for. Mark knows what he is doing, you can trust him, and he’s going to treat you right.  As they said in the old Pogo comic strip, “We have met the enemy, and he is us.”

“The only way that you are going to be dissatisfied with this consulting program is if you don’t put it into practice.  You can’t leave the car in the garage – you’ve got to drive it if you want to get somewhere.”

E. T. M., DVM


“Worth gold to me.””This whole program…was outstanding, way beyond my expectations in usefulness. “I consider this in-house training program a once-in-a-lifetime chance for myself and my staff to learn valuable tools… which had information not found anywhere else that I’ve ever seen. I am so glad we decided to finally get some ‘professional advice.’

W. P., DVM



“It is a program that lays an excellent foundation for the management and advancement of my organization. However, as anything in life, a lot of times it’s not only the content but how it is delivered that makes all the difference in the comprehension and implementation.

“Mark Hanses delivered an excellent program that I and my staff will benefit from for a lifetime. During his time with me Mark transcended from a consultant to a mentor. And for that I am thankful.”




“I believe that our staff now better understands how to work as a team to achieve our common goals. I believe they also understand that ourgoals are just that–common. I believe they understand how to get where we are going…we don’t all steer the ship, but we’re all in the same boat.


R. D., DVM



“I am going to be more organized in all aspects of running a dental office. I feel that I have given my staff all the tools they need to be consistent high producers.

“Life has just gotten better!!”




“It would have taken us months (if not years!) to get our staff and hospital this far. Mark has been a great asset and well worth the time and cost to us!”



North Carolina

“This program brought to the surface all of the disorganization and lack of communication in the company. It introduced technology to the entire staff which allows them to become more organized, communicate more efficiently and feel more satisfied with their jobs. It provided motivation for the staff and required a commitment to succeed from every staff member. I now see certain staff members in a very different light and feel more a part of the team.”
F.R, Practice Owner

“Perhaps the most important topic of all was communication and the lack of it here and how this can be changed. Mark was great and really spent the time with us that we needed. I feel like a burden has been lifted from my shoulders and I now have a more positive outlook on my job and where we are going.”
M.C., Staff Member




Thank you for your dedication and persistence. You’ve taught us valuable life lessons above and beyond meeting our expectations. Our experience was well worth the sacrifices. We’re just very sad we won’t see you tomorrow–you feel like family.

Thank You So Much!”




“I admit I was somewhat skeptical of how much these courses could do. However, after completion this weekend I believe this is the information my staff needed to know in order for us to really get to a higher level of production and collection, while at the same time maintaining quality dentistry. The information Mark presented was tailored to our office and we were able to put it to use immediately.”

D.S., Dentist



“Super job! Mark stated he wanted to deliver service in abundance and certainly did. His teaching (instruction) skills are excellent. The bonus program for the staff will be an excellent tool to help them with their reach to improve at their post and at life. Can’t wait to have him service us again.”




“My dental philosophy encompasses comprehensive quality dentistry. I feel this delivered comprehensive business technology to FINALLY move us forward. I’m ready to move ahead. This is awesome, simple and really makes sense.
“Thanks to Mark Hanses. He was extremely professional and competent. I would recommend them to anyone ready to expand, organize and gain control/sanity.”

P.O., Dentist

“What I feel that I got from the course the most was the clarity of who was responsible for what in our office. For so long things only got done out of desperation. People didn’t know who to turn to in a time of crisis.
“Now we all know what is expected of us and in what fashion. We know who to look to for answers when things in our jobs aren’t just right. And biggest of all, we know how much we all really do depend on each other.”
N.G, Staff Member



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