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Workable Organizational Principles….

The basic philosophy of Hanses Management is that there IS a technology of management and it IS knowable. The reason why practices falter and struggle is simply lack of knowledge of organizational basics.

We feel that most practice owners are quite bright and able. After all, they are managing to keep their practice going regardless of all opposition, competition, overwhelming governmental regulations, etc. The reason why their practice isn’t what they want it to be is simply because they were never taught sound organizational principles that work in the real world. Thus, any “management style” they use (if they have one) is just a mish-mash of things they’ve been told, “good ideas” that Joe down the street thought of and guesswork.

Imagine if one practiced any of the healing arts like that. What if a patient came to you for help and you simply guessed at what was wrong and started trying different surgeries and medications? What if you didn’t diagnose the problem before you tried to fix it?

Yet people run their businesses like that every day. For lack of sound, workable organizational principles, they are left without a diagnoses, nor a course of treatment. This is where we come in.

Our mission is to teach workable organizational principles and help business owners get them applied in the real world.


Hubbard® Management Technology:

At Hanses Management, we exclusively apply the Hubbard® Management System. American philosopher and author L. Ron Hubbard developed systems for management based on fundamental organizational principles that are applicable to any type of business or group. These systems are based not on theories, but on sound, universally workable truths.

We at Hanses Management believe first and foremost in results. Theories are great, but at the end of the day all that really matters is: does it work? What really matters to a business owner in the real world are effective solutions. He doesn’t need a flashy slogan or an esoteric, ivory-tower economics thesis. He needs tools. He needs workable tools that can be immediately applied to get observable results.

This is why Hanses Management uses Hubbard ® Management Technology. We feel it is the most effective and universally workable system of management in existence. As such, we are proud to be specialists in its implementation and application. Our consultants are trained professionals with years of practical experience in a wide variety of business and organizational scenarios. We are here for one reason: to help you achieve your goals through workable organizational principles.


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