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Take The Free Practice Management Quiz.

Take this online practice analysis.  Its pinpoint accuracy is a view into the inner workings of your practice.  You won’t just find out if your numbers are up or down—you’ll actually receive a scientific comparison of your practice to how it would ideally be if it were completely healthy.  This is a one-of-a-kind analysis, completely unavailable elsewhere on the web.

The assessment is composed of 71 multiple-choice questions designed by an expert consultant to get you on the right track for your practice.  If you are interested in improving your practice management, you need to do this test.

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Areas of Analysis:

The Free Practice Quiz will analyze 10 key areas in your practice:

Executive and Managerial

How are your executive management skills?  How well is your practice run by the managers?  Are you in control of your practice of is your practice in control of you?

Staff and HR

How does your practice do at employee management?  Do you have effective hiring and training procedures?  How well do you keep track of what the staff are doing?

Treatment Plan Acceptance

How good is your treatment plan acceptance?  Do patients comply with recommendations or does the office have a difficult time getting them to get the care they need?


How well are the office’s finances and money handled?   Are you meeting your financial goals?  Is the office able to set aside an adequate amount for retirement and other savings?

Dental Treatment And Services

What is the scheduling like?  Does the office correctly handle the treatment end of things or is the office failing to get patient through the care they need?

Staff Training

Are the staff trained on their jobs?  How well does the office do at continual training and retraining, not just on technical procedures, but also administrative procedures and practices?

New Patients

What’s the new patient flow?  What regular marketing is done to get new patients?  How are they handled once you’ve got them?  Is the new patient flow enough for a practice of your size?

Owner Professional Success

Is the owner succeeding professionally?  Is he growing professionally or becoming stagnant?

Owner Goals Achievement

Is the practice aligned with the owner’s goals?  Is the owner achieving what he set out to when he started the practice?

Owner Outlook

How has the practice affected the owner’s outlook?  Have incidents in the past colored his look to the future or has he maintained his ability to work toward positive outcomes?


About The Quiz

The Free Practice Quiz is a diagnostic tool developed by Mark Hanses, owner of Hanses Management.  Through Mark’s extensive experience  in consulting healthcare practices over the past 20 years, he has been able to refine key points of analysis for any practice.

The quiz is composed of 71 questions which are many of the questions a consultant would ask you if you were to hire them.  The answers to these questions are then graded to provide standardized answers regarding your practice’s strengths and weaknesses.



Grading And Evaluation

Once you fill out the quiz, it will be graded and then graphed against a series of 10 different criteria which provide a visual representation of your practice.  Someone will contact you to go over your results with you, which is done over the phone by a trained practice analyst.  There is no obligation of any kind.

Discover your practice’s strengths and weaknesses.  Take the Free Practice Quiz now!

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