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Mark Hanses, Executive Director of Hanses Management


Hanses Management was founded by long-time consultant Mark Hanses, who has consulted and trained businesses and business owners for over 20 years. Mark has helped hundreds of businesses ranging from dentists, optometrists and chiropractors to automotive and construction companies.

Graduating cum laude from Saint Louis University in 1972, Mark pursued further training and study in organizational, educational and management technology. He traveled extensively in the late 1980s and 1990s, personally consulting and training hundreds of practice owners across the U.S.

In addition to Mark’s considerable background in business education and training, he ran a small private school for nearly 20 years. As a community service, he applied his skills as an educator to those just starting out in life.

Mark’s extensive experience in the field gave him the opportunity to train and consult in a wide-range of different settings and situations. His versatility comes from real-world experience applying basic organizational principles in settings as widely varied as large-animal vets on the prairie to sophisticated metropolitan cosmetic dentists.

His hands-on experience in almost every conceivable practice takes management consulting out of the realm of “theory” and brings it to life in the real world, with real results.




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